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Violent storm

Present yourselves our readers...

Hello! This is mick cervino bass player and founder of violent storm!

Who are violent storm as band members?
Mick cervino - bass
Mike sorrentino - drums
Matt reardon - vocals
Martin mickels - guitar

When did you have founded the band?
The band as a project began many years ago, but it started to take shape about three years ago.

Would you like to talk about the very first beginning of band...
The very beginning started in my head when i was a kid, i had very specific ideas of what i wanted
My band to sound like. Many, many years later while i was in ritchie blackmore's band he brought in
A drummer named mike sorrentino, with whom i was very comfortable playing. So i made a mental note to Include him in my own band project when the time was right. When this happened we recorded some tracks and Auditioned singers until we found matt who's got a tremendous voice. I invited k k downing and yngwie
Malmsteen to play a couple of songs each and they happilly accepted! Last, but not least, we found martin, An amazing guitar player who will knock your socks off! 

What's about your previous recording-efforts?
I have done lots of session work through the years, among others with ritchie blackmore, live
Recorded performances with yngwie malmsteen, including the platinum seller dvd and cd with g3 titled
"live in denver". Prior to that i also did a bass solo cd called "ostinato", which consists of mostly
Classical composicions by bach, mozart, chopin, and some of my own ("ostinato" will soon be available
Exclusively on www.mickcervino.com).

What's about your following?
Having toured around the world extensively, i have been very fortunate to meet thousands of fans face to face.
While on the road and at home i always try to make time to greet as many fans as possible and to listen to What they have to say. I know how important it is for us metal heads to communicate with each other.

The most important facts in your history?
Musically speaking, i would say i have been very dedicated to my instrument, spending endless hours
Playing and studing while most of my friends where at the pool or screwing around. This effort made me Confident enough to pursue my musical dreams, like playing next to ritchie blackmore, malmsteen,
Recording my classical cd and finally releasing my own rock cd with violent storm.

Any introductive words to "storm warning"?
"storm warning" is the product of heart felt inspiration going back to my roots as a rock/metal fan.
There is plenty of raw energy without neglecting musicianship or melody. It has it's own sound and
It is meant to be played loud!!!

The sound is very agressive and modern?
Yes! When you finally get to play your own music there is certain agressiveness that possesses your 
Whole being, this agressiveness is definitely going to be present during the live shows.
Some of the tracks have a more modern feel and sound, while others insinuate earlier metal influences.
We made an effort to find a common ground between old and new school metal.

Proud to be produced by k.k. downing?
Indeed!!! K.k. excecutive-produced the album and did an outstanding job. It is such a priviledge to
Have the founder of the metal gods judas priest playing on two songs and executive producing the album.

What's about the production of album?
K.k.'s experience contributed immensely in the final sound of the album. Together with roy z and stan
Katayama, who did the final mixing and engineering, "storm warning" surpassed everybody's expectations.

Any particular concept concerning the album?
A violent storm is comming, and it's innevitable, and it is unstoppable, and the world will never be
The same after vs's forcefull rage and mighty power is through and done with all injustice known
To man kind!
(the truth is....it's only rock'n'roll and i like it!)

What's the mood of it?
It is certainly not a happy, rosie album, there is too much missery in the world to pretend that nothing
Is happening. Although this is by no means a political album, the mood in many of the songs may serve
As an outlet for some of the listeners to vent out their frustrations with whatever may be affecting
Them at the time. The songs don't necessarily offer solutions to enybody's lives, but could be persieved as A companion in the different stages and difficulties we all have to go through at one point or another.

The most salient aspects of your new album?
There are many highlights, obviously the appearances and great guitar solos by k.k.downing and yngwie Malmsteen on two songs each. Also the fact that it is a diverse album, in the sense that there is a variety of Musical propositions for the listener to not be stuck with the same type of song and formula throughout the cd.

What's about the feedback?
So far "storm warning" has been very well received by the critics and, most importantly, by the fans.

What do you want to communicate with your sound?
We want to make an impact on the listener, to be there when we are needed. The vs sound should imply Metal camaradery and understanding when the rest of the world turns their head. At the end of the day, Like my friend patrick says: "we are all brothers of steel".

Touring plans?
Yessss!!!! We are confirming dates as we speak. We'll be in europe around may/june 2007, there will be Announcements made in the next few days on www.violentstorm.net .

Your life's philosophy?
Life's a bitch and then you die!
No, not really. I believe we are all here for a reason, the key is to discover what the hell that reason is. If
You figure that out then that's half the battle. Then all you have to do is follow your dreams and make your purpose In life count.

The future of the band?
We'll be playing some great shows in the next few months and in the many years to come. Vs is here long term!

Any last remarks?
We look forward to playing italy very soon and hope you all come to see us and make lots of noise with us. Check out our website and drop us a line anytime.


Emanuele Gentile

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