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Please, present yourselves our readers...

hiiii mother fuckers!!This is aad from infinited hate (ex sinister).

What's about your history?
We have a real small one,the band started right after sinister split-up,so infinited hate is in metal world now for a small two years i think.

Who decided to found the band?
That was me together with rachel,ofcourse we ask ron right away to join us in this band,because he was also playing on the last sinister c.d.

The main facts in your history...
The main history is till now that we have one c.d out called "REVEL IN BLOODSHED" ofcourse sick and twisted death metal like always.

What's about your previous recoding production?
At the moment we are almost ready with our new c.d that will be called "HEAVEN TERMINATION"again brutal death metal but a bit more catcy than the first one,we think it's more back to the old days from sinister.

I guess you must really satisfied with this deal of Displeased Records.
O yes we are! till now everything works out good for us with "displeased rec" ofcourse we hope that it will stay like this,we will always try to make good stuff for them so they can be happy that we are on there label...

A quick introduction to 'Revel in Bloodshed'?
Fucking brutal death metal the way it must be fast and sick,on this c.d we have a drum machine but the sound of it is good i think,on the new c.d we have a real drummer from flesh and blood his name is dirk he is also playing in SCARVE from france but he did also the recordings for ABORTED AND SOILWORK this guy rule's big time for us he is the KING OF ALL KINGS.

Why such title?
I came up with the titel because i was thinking this sounds brutal,so i ask the other members what they think of it and they sad sounds killer,so there is no special reason.

Your album has a strong death metal background?
Yes ofcourse we make already more than 15 years this kind of metal and we will go on with this till the moment that we are not able to do anymore,but how it feels now we will go on with making this sick metal.

The sound is very varied..
Thanks for the compliment we always try to make the music not only fast but also intressting ofcourse speed is important but not the most i think most important is to make a good song ,with parts that you can remember when you here it again for the second time catcy stuff that's cool and than you can still be brutal as hellllllllllllllllllllllllll..

More infos about your sound?
I can tell a bit about our new c.d HEAVEN TERMINATION,because we have now a real drummer the songs are even more intresting to lisen to,this time also no effect vokills from me but everything the normal way,also rachel her vokills on the new one is sick again,but what can i say more o yes that i think that the old sinister fans will like this alot.

What's about your way to write?
Ron is always working at home on the songs for the band,when he have some cool parts he always give me a call to come over to his place and than we try together to make some good song out of it.

What's the role of lyrics?
Ofcourse it's important but the music is number one for us,but believe when i say that the lyrics on the new c.d are killer and they are EVILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

I feel an angry attitude in your sound.
Thank you it's great that you can here this,for us death metal have to sound sick and angry on the new c.d you will here this again for sure..

Would you like to talk about the tracks featured in?
When you mean the small intro's before the songsthat's only to make it more brutal.

Interested in spreading messages thru your music?
No No NO we are in the music for making music no other reason.

What's about your future plans?
First we have to wait till our new piece will come out,after this we hope to start to do some shows that will be great.

What's about your everyday life?
O nooooooooooo do i really have to speak about this ha ha ha,no i have a normal day job like eveybody in infinited hate we need food on the table so we have to work,you now when you have to live from your money from the band you will be death in a week ha ha ha ha.

Any last remarks?
Please check out REVEL IN BLOODSHED and soon our new c.d HEAVEN TERMINATION maybe you will like it.....hail to extreme metal.

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