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:: Introducing Hymns of the Wicked

by Jasper Jackson (July 2006)

Introduce the players & Give us the scoop of how & when Hymns Of The Wicked came about?

Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar: Shaun Collins
Keyboard & Guitar: Ethan Cain
Bass: Carson Richter
Drums: Greg Barr

The lead singer ,Shaun Collins, started the band in 2004 after introducing some lyrics and music he had written to some fellow musicians. They began practicing after school and they all loved the vibe, so HYMNS OF THE WICKED (H.O.W) was formed.

Where & what studio did the production take place of "Never See The Sun Again?
The production of "Never See The Sun Again" was done at the Music Training Center Studio located in Conshohocken Pennsylvania.

What do you feel are the 3 strongest tracks on "N.S.T.A" & why?
I feel the 3 strongest tracks on the album are World Of Mine featuring i (track 6), Never See The Sun Again (track 7) and Run Away (track 10). The reason why I feel that these three tracks are the strongest is because they show the versatility of the band. World Of Mine featuring i goes from Metal to Dancehall Reggae then back to Metal its never been done before, Never See The Sun Again gives you the chills whenever you hear it,and Run Away is definately a club banger.

Who came up with the cover art?
The cover art came about by Raymond Mclean otherwise known as "i" and Nesta Garrick. They wanted to depict the album title track "Never See The Sun Again". You know a picture is worth a thousand words.

Long & short term goals as far as touring, recording, writing ect?
Well Hymns Of The Wicked long term goals are (1) to develop a larger fan base, (2) to grow more as musicians and (3) to create a new sound withing the next 5 years.
As for our short term goals (1) We would like to get as much exposure as possible through promotion and doing shows, (2) making our live shows better and (3) keep on making new songs.

Do all members take part of the writing progress?
Well it depends Shaun is the main songwriter. Normally what happens is that Shaun will acoustically write a song or have a idea. He then takes that song or idea to the rest of the band and rehearses it with us. Sometimes another band member or even someone else close to the band will come up with an idea or a song and if it is good the band does it.

Are you happy with where the band stands today in the Int'l underground Hard music scene?
No i'm not happy but i'm thankful for where we are now. Hymns Of The Wicked is just getting started and we are nowhere near where we want to be. Until we have sold out shows across the world, platinum albums and collected the most prestigious awards for our genre of music then there aint nothing to be happy about.

What do you feel sets your band apart from other Metal Acts?
Well Hymns Of The Wicked is different from other metal acts mainly because we combine Hard Rock, Metal, Reggae, Hip Hop and Orchestral sounds together to create a variety which is classified as Nu-Metal. Listen to songs like Dead Logic, Stigmata and We Call Out those tracks are hard man. Die harted metal fans love those hard tracks. However tracks like Innocent Man, Song#4 and Apocalypse are more calmer radio songs but they still have that hard edge to them.

What does each member bring into the band?
Well each member brings a different vibe and perspective to the band and vibes is necessary for the music to be made. Everyone has a good idea or advice to offer and this helps in the overall creative process and growth of the band.

So what does the band do when they're not making music?
Well we are all still in high school so we don't do much. We just spend time with family, friends and catch up on the things that we don't normally get to do when we are making music.

Describe your fans?
Our fans are the people who love heavy metal but are also open to new ideas of doing metal. The metal fans who don't consider versatility as selling out.

Who would you like to tour with and why?
We would love to go on tour with Marilyn Manson. Marilyn Manson and us share similar views of the world and we have the same taste in music. Also going on tour with Marilyn Manson would give us the exposure that Hymns Of The Wicked is looking for.

What does the band members do for fun when not making music?
Well we play video games, hang out with chicks and party that's what we do for fun when we are not making music.

When can we expect to see you on the road?
You can expect to see us on the road this summer.

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