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Hellrazor Interview

"Feel the Sting"

With well established stalkers, fanatics, and even hate groups, Hellrazor is anything but corporate rock. Notorious for their arena rock magnitude shows, these guys put on spectacular and unpredictable live performances. The band's absolute commitment to outrageous passion driven shows gives them and their music character difficult to pass up. They are hell bent on playing hard rock, and if you know what's good for you, you'll let them.

BallBuster: When did you guys began making hell & who's in the group?
TC - Kasey and myself have been in many different projects together as well as separate ones over the last 8 years. While Darrin and Danny we're doing their own thing before hooking up with us.

Danny - The current line up is TC Davidson on lead guitar, Kasey Haze on bass guitar, Darrin Evil on drums and myself on vocals.

BB: Do any of you guys come from a music (or artistic) family?
Kasey - No.

BB: Why "Hellrazor" as the name?
Kasey - Its a good name for us because we felt that it was hard enough for our music but also catchy and memorable enough that people can remember it easily.We decided to change "raiser" to razor to give it a nice touch and give the name a bit of a twist.
Danny - Any where we go or anything we do, we always seem to raise hell. Lots of bands don't like us because they think we have cocky attitudes, but those bands confuse cockiness with confidence.
Darrin - ...And its because we rip shit up!

BB: Are you guys ball-busters?
Darrin - Ah, Isn't that what wives are for?

BB: Give us a brief rundown/description of "Feel The Sting"?
Kasey - Its a good album, it has rock anthems to power ballads and a little of everything for everyone. I try to write songs about my personal experiences, my views and the members of the band, buts it is tongue and cheek.
Darrin - Life hurts, suck it up princess.

BB: Where and what studio did the production of "Feel The Sting" take place?
Kasey - Feel The Sting was recorded at Turtle Recording Studio in White Rock BC Canada with Larry Anschell who worked with bands such as Nickelback, Alice In Chains and Sarah McLachlan. It was a self funded recording from money we had made by selling demo Cd's at our shows playing local venues around Vancouver of songs I had written over the last few years, none of which are on this album.

BB: What's the bands long & short term goals as far as touring, recording, writing, etc?
TC - We're currently working with 2 different company's that are going to help us do tours in Japan and China for next year to promote the Album. As well, we're working to get our album out to webzines, magazines, music critics and radio stations.
Kasey - We're always writing new material that is better, more dynamic and diverse than our previous songs. We're hoping in another year or two to put out our second album then our third and keep progressing as a band and writing the best material we can to our abilities at that time.

BB: How strong is the hellrazor fanbase?
Danny - We have over 300 emails in our mailing list that we got through our websites, playing shows and word of mouth. We have people from Japan, Australia, the US to Mexico buying and listening to Hellrazor.
Darrin - Its pretty damn strong, for a city that like their Billy Talent, "indie rock" and cookie cutters.

BB: What do you feel sets the band apart from other Metal Acts?
Kasey - Well that all depends on what type of metal acts your talking about, because now a days there are many different sub-categories in metal. There is traditional heavy metal, power metal, death metal, nu-metal etc etc. Hellrazor is Hellrazor, some people say we're metal other people say we're hard rock, it all really depends on who you compare us to and who you ask. Vocally, I'd like to say that we are more commercial appealing then most "metal" bands, which in turn can give us a wider audience. But the music has enough edge that can attract the old school metal heads.
Darrin - Its all about the raw attitude and guitar amplifiers that go to 11.

BB: What would you say is your biggest gripe about the music industry?
Kasey - Record Company's are not willing to work with bands and give them a chance to grow as artists and write 4 or 5 albums. Now its like, if you your first album does not sell 80 trillion albums they don't want anything to do with you.
TC - The music industry continues to promote watered-down, decaffeinated bands while bands with integrity have to fight tooth and nail to get a fraction of the exposure. Seems as though the industry is controlled and run by people interested in making a quick buck. If you're well connected and have a rich background you can be as horrible as you can be and still make it.

BB: What is the most outrageous thing that happenned to you on stage during a performance or rehearsal?
Kasey - Recently we were playing a show around town and half way into our set, I look back at Darrin and he's completely soaked, so I thought he was really into it that night. When we finished the show, the stage manager told us that there was water leaking through the ceiling onto the stage, because someone had overdosed in a bathtub with running water in the hotel above the club. When we got all our gear off the stage we realized how much water was actually there, we were lucky we all didn't get electrocuted.
TC - Danny jumping over a group of people doing air splits and landing on a fan and knocking her on her ass.
Danny - ...Our shows are always unpredictable, so expect the unexpected!

BB: Do you have a special ritual that you guys do before you hit the stage?
Kasey - I don't do anything special, but I do make sure to have a decent meal before a show and drink lots of water to keep myself hydrated.
Darrin - We pray Dan is going to show up in time.

BB: When can we expect to see you on the road?
Danny - Like TC said, we're going to be in Japan and China in 2007 but no dates are available at the moment. Although, regular band updates with upcoming events such as concert/ tour schedules/ whatever, are posted on our website and also sent out through our mailing list.

BB: Are you ready to sign a "major" record deal?
Kasey - That depends, while bigger company's have more money and resource's, they can still bite you in the ass at the same time. Smaller company's don't have as much money or resources, so they might not be able to get you the exposure you want. We'd like to put out a second album with a company that will provide us with the opportunity to create the desired sound we're wanting to convey in our upcoming album. Touring has always been a goal of ours from day one so given the liberty to tour for an lengthy period of time would be spectacular.


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