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The Swedish heavy metal attack storms over Europe? Why power metal is so popular in Sweden?

I don't know really but the melodic metal never died in this part of the world and when Hammerfall got their break at the end of the 90's they opened a lot of doors. All of a sudden this music were popular again and the bands were signed.

Maybe it's due to the fact that there's relation between it and the traditions of your country...
Yes, it may be true. But I don't know if the scene is stronger here than in Germany or Spain for instance.

Would you like to present yourselves our readers?
Sure! We are a five guys from Sweden who play metal.
Pasi Humppi - lead vocals
Tomas Wäppling - guitars, backing vocals
Tommie Johansson - synth
Martin Tilander - drums
Peter Wiberg - bass, backing vocals

What did you do before the release of 'A Nightmare Story'?
We played Sweden Rock Festival last summer. Unfortunately we lost the original drummer Stefan Svantesson around this time and valuable time went off to get Martin ready for action. Then when the album was released we did a lot of press and started to work on new material. We're always looking forward, not backwards..

The main facts in your history?
The band was formed in 1998. Signed with loud'n'proud-records in 1999. Warchants and fairytales - the debut album was released in 2000. Signed with Arise Records in 2001 and recorded A Nightmare Story in April 2002. Released A Nightmare Story in Oct 2002.

It seems that 'A Nightmare Story' is your second album to date... In which ways is this new album the natural herein to your first one?
We developed the good things about the debut and worked from that point of view to improve the things we could do better. I thing the song writing is more complex and varied on A Nightmare Story and that was all intentional. But I think it's up to other people to judge if we're doing things the right way.

When did yo ustart to work at it?
The first songs were actually written early in 2001 to get ourselves a new deal and then, after signing with Arise, we started to working on the album.

What's about the production job acheved for it?
The album was produced in Studio Underground by Pelle Saether and Freternia. Finnvox did the mastering.

What's this nightmare story? Is this album a concept-album?
Yes, it's a concept album. The story tells about a man who keeps dreaming the same dream night after night. He hear voices and strange creatures that seem to tell him something that at this point he cannot really understand. Slowly a pattern can be seen in all this and finally he finds out that when a human being is asleep he can travel through a dreamportal and enter the "dreamworld". So he decides to make the journey and in this world all these strange creatures and voices take shape and becomes a reality of life and death.

What's about the tracks featured in?
Every track can be seen as a different chapter in the story. The album kicks of when "the hero" enters the dream world in the track "Grimbor the great" and then he will continue his journey until he finds himself facing the evil and corrupting spirit, armed only with his mind. (The lyrics can be found at www.freternia.com)

The sound is quite powerful and tight... Would you like to describe your sound? Which its best qualities?
We're working very hard to create a sound of our own, that's important for us. I think we are harder and more aggressive than other bands in the genre, but still melodic. We will develop that even further in the future.

Did you think to tour all Europe to promote this album?
Unfortunately we aren't able to tour at this stage due to many different circumstances. The main reason is money. But we would love to go on tour some day, I think it's a must if you want to reach a bigger audience.

And the future?
Hopefully be able to tour and keep the spirit high. We will start recording a new album this fall and I think it's gonna be a killer.

What's your battlecry?
Keep on defending the honour of HEAVY METAL!

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