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"Martin C.:First I'd like to say hello to everyone in Italy!! Some of you know us already and some are about to meet us. We are from Germany and have just released our new album "Tried & Failed" on Massacre Records/Soulfood.It is our sixth album now.With the release of our first albums we have already toured in Italy before with Crematory and Amorphis and have some memorable experiences from playing there. Besides that we have been playing just about everywhere in Europe and North America throughout the years. Our last trip abroad was when we played in Moscow, Russia. With our new CD we are looking to reach more people in Italy as well to enjoy our music. More than likely you probably find us in the category of Gothic Metal when searching for our albums. An excellent way to find out a lot more about us, besides getting a hold of "Tried & Failed" or seeing us live, would be by checking out our website at www.evereve.net which is really worth a visit once you've seen it!There you can get comprehensive information such as audio samples of our new album and good look at our artwork design, tons of pictures, a lot more and join the E-community where our fans communicate with each other from all over the world and with us on a regular basis..."

"Martin.C: Now EverEve consists of four people. It used to be six guys in the beginning, but through unforeseen circumstances some members were replaced in the line-up and some duties were taken over internally. The line-up is: MZ: Vocals/Keyboards .havoc: Guitars OQ: Bass Martin C.: Drums/Percussion (& just recently a bit of additional Piano) Joerg Huettner whom we consider our "fifth element" is actually more of a composer for film music scores. He has worked on such Hollywood Blockbusters as "Catwoman", "The Ring 2", "Batman Begins" amongst others alongside Hoolywood great Hans Zimmer and has been collaborating with us on the last four albums. His perspective on things have been of great value to us and it's a lot of fun working together."

"Martin C.: Unfortunately I am not an original member of the band but I'll try to fill you in on as much information as I can. The band was formed nearly ten years ago. It's the classic story of six guys that met in school in the mid-nineties. I joined them in 99'/2000'. But the guys have already recorded three albums by then and developed a typical EverEve sound which still, despite of all current influences,remains the same. Much of which is owed to the fact that two major songwriters/ founding members remained in the band. I'm talking about keyboarder and also now-vocalist MZ and guitar player. havoc. Line-up changes were, for the most part, forced by surrounding circumstances. Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye to fellow musicians/friends as ambitions and priorities change individually so that sometimes you don't see eye to eye anymore and therefore you're left with no choice. At the time of me joining the band, a lot of unforeseen events threatened to cause confusion, but somehow with the solid foundation of MZ and .havoc plus the fresh, additional ambition I brought into play, we managed to carry EverEve this far. And it feels f#*king excellent! Loaded with inspiration, a brotherly chemistry and a certain amount of security within'!"

"Martin C.: As I mentioned, details about that time are rather difficult for me since I haven't been there. I'm just aware of the fact that when these guys were still pretty young the main man at Nuclear Blast discovered their talents and signed them to the label in no time! That was basically how the whole thing started on an international level for the band. I think my answer to your last question pretty much describes a good part of the early days though also."

"Martin C.: Well, once you've recorded and released six albums you have a pretty good history together. We are proud of that because these pieces of work are representable for a certain phases of the bands career. Looking back at those records, they all do make sence for what they were at the time and each one helped us to get further ahead for the next album. We are still packed with tons of ideas, our creativity is just flowing and we are still far from having reached any limits. One thing people always notice is that no matter how many new things we are adding and new components come into play they always know this can only be EverEve. That means we have found our own trademark sound, which to us is one of the most important achievements for us as musicians. The first couple of albums had a strong presence of very aggressive vocals for example, by original singer Tom Sedotschenkow. Although he would switch at times into real soft, hurtful kind of vocals as well. The music was more of a typical bombast gothic typ of sound with very experimental songwriting. We still love those albums, because a healthy progression for the future demands and fully explored the experimental phase. After the most tragic turn of events with Tom's suicide in 99 things were bound to be different.He decided to quit playing music. The split up was one thing and had nothing to do with his decision to end his live which no one ever had the slightest clue of. The band was heavily pounded by a string of problems and last but not least turned into a really strong unit. After trying out different singers with for example Benjamin Richter on the "Regret" album we decided to continue with original member MZ on vocals. He has been working on ideas for vocal lines throughout the past anyway and it made the most sence for us. Some fans were not sure what to expect, since Tom was also always a strong indication for the sound of the band. MZ's vocals aren't as agressive as the old style vocals but didn't fit the music any less at all. So we've come a long way and now on "Tried & Failed" we've actually managed to capture a lot of the overall elements from the past and combine it with the newer more mature EverEve.Like I said, main point is that we still capture this certain atmosphere that makes it our own music and all the modern added elements and influences harmonize very well with the dark,heavy, epic and orchesrtal side."

"Martin C.: We can only be happy to have the kind of fans that were so supportive of us in the past and are still going strong now. Without them it probably would have been nearly impossible to stay in the public eye for such a long time. It is really as simple as that: You lose your fans, you're clinically dead! That doesn't mean we wouldn't play music anymore, not at all, but to remain out there playing tours celebrating our live concerts with the fans and them loving our CD's is what takes on a special life of its own! And we ceratinly appreciate their support above all. We always give our best to make it worth their while. That's also one of the reasons why our following keeps increasing and we're gathering new fans in every country we play.2

"Martin C.: Hmm, good question... what's a good answer for that?? In a bands history I think all of their albums would be extremely important facts, don't you? Each record is a hard fact of the ongoing creative process and serves as a document of course as well. I think that in 2222 when we are not around anymore (I hope not;)and CD's are really still will be working, what would be a logical way to track a bands history? Sure i don't even wanna think of what's possible in that year with information data in every way, but if you'll be able to for example get a hold of all EverEve albums then I think you will agree that these are the most important facts! Back to the present though, I believe the most important fact is that we always found a way to continue as a band plus all of the above and if we didn't no one would be able to ask us this kind of question;)..."

"Martin C.: Sure, I'd have take big swing at it though in order to understand how we went about things this time around. Our creative process is constantly driven by pure emotions. Our musical abilities are our tools to express them and it's sort of the same with the lyrics. Based on the raw origin of emotions we develop a vision, our vision which results in a unique style of music we call EverEve. That vision is packed with all our preferences, everything we love about making music, experiences, questions/opinions and always coming through-our fascination for the more tabooish-side of human nature. In addition to the heavy guitar riffing, powerful grooves, sometimes fragile darkish, yet strong melodic vocals and industrial/experimental electronics, we have mobilised all our symphonic/classical influences (as we've already done on our debut album in 96´) with real orchestral strings and piano parts on our new album "Tried & Failed". All components combined provide a unique atmosphere for the listener to take a front row seat in the theatre of E-motions and let go. I guess what was different this time is that we strongly went for a certain type of atmosphere which somehow required more of everything. Sort of like the "more is more" approach. Especially when mixing the record this approach really came to the surface and had us mix the entire album quite a few times. In the end we can say that we've accomplished our mission of an emotional-dramatic vision for the album including typical EverEve components.Before we went to the studio for the final recording we pre-produced extensively and sorted out a lot before this time. In the end we still had enough work to do when working on the final record. If you combine as many elements as we have on "Tried & Failed" it becomes very time consuming making sure everthing sits in the right place and where we want it. Once we were done it sort of felt like this record represents the soundtrack of the full moon nights of our lives."

"Martin C.: Drama plays somewhat a key role in connection with the album. All aspects of relationships are always of some interest to us. What makes it so dramatic is certainly the lyric topic since we reflect upon a side of human nature which is all too real and can be frustrating and encouraging at the same time as we address the bittersweet aftertaste of failure, human beings always driven by an also unfulfilled urge for sexual, emotional and spiritual comfort, contentment and domination. Although often resulting from failing/ disturbing the scheme of life is new strength. Self-pity turns into comforting woefulness... and ultimately into defiant energy. The EverEve-dialectics of destruction and creativity. So there are always two sides to every story and you could actually write an entire opera about it. But don’t worry we didn’t take it that far, at least as far as the music is concerned. It is not necessarily always just about us, but rather in EverEve tradition taking on subjects everyone can relate to! And we do like to provoke as well. I think as an artist it is OK to make peoples heads turn and even shock them! We are not talking about some elevator music here! We want all of you and not just some so so humm along shit!!!"

"Martin C.: Uups, I think I already covered most of that about two questions ago. Of course I forgot to mention that I actually co-produced the record together with our producer Gerhar Magin(Crematory, Theater of Tragedy, Totenmond etc.). We really locked ourself in the studio vault for more than three month and didn't do anything else. Like I said it was a lot of hard detail work since we've had a minimum of about 60 different tracks per song. You gotta watch out though because you can produce yourself into a frenzy and at some point it's just necessary to close the book. Well at least when you're at the point of feeling a certain amount of satisfactory!"

"Martin C.: As you can guess from our lyric topic it is not exactely a concept album in the sence of a story with different chapters, although we do arrange things in a certain order, but in the end it is not like script or anything, simply because we always like keep the door open for the listeners imagination. It is important for us the listener can spark off our ignition as we spark off of each other. We want you to participate and relate/connect when listening to us and not just being told something."

"Martin C.: If you know EverEve you also know what to expect as far as the mood goes and then some. What makes it special this time is that without really aiming for a nostalgic EverEve feel it started to pour at us from out of nowhere almost. Sure we've integrated some of of our root ingredients more again, but that doesn't mean you'll just be able to turn back time like that. Almost kind of freaky, because we also didn't seem to lose any of our current influences. Also to some degree I think there is just a right time for everything and you either hit it right or not. With the mixture of the strong emotions,melancholic,dark, epic, acoustic and also heavy, hard-driving industrial components we actually got more than we bargained for and are very excited about it!!!"

"Matin C.: I guess you could use those terms to give some kind of idea of what to expect. We are easily bored with things and always try to get more out of it and therefore aren't afraid to broaden our horizon. That would definitely explain our wide variety and the many different colours we use. Trying to grasp all of it is not easy but in the end it's always rewarding and interesting. Of ourse there are other bands who more or less just about record and release the same album over and over. Not that it's a bad thing (some are very successful at it), but we are not exactely that typ of band. Being oneiric on the other hand is something that always underlines our music and is absolutely part of us, as we are sincere and emotional about our work."

"Martin C.: That's almost like having to pick my favorite song of the album, but I just can't. I might need more distance to it probably in order to do so. What's outstanding of this record is that although it is not a concept album, it kinda takes you on a journey from the beginning to the very end. It feels like we open up a book and tell you a story with different chapters, but it's rather loose than strictly followed by a scirpt or anything like that. That's why it has so many different sides to it without losing focus on the album as a whole. Once you have heard it a couple of times you'll realize that it is capable to emotionally adapt to any given situation you might be in. Whether people like it right away or if they need a bit more time for it in the end by the twentieth time listening to it, everyone still seems to experience "Tried & Failed" with a different touch again and it still remains an interesting album for them."

"Martin C.: We have never had such a big variety on opinions about a record like with this one. Our fans seem to really appreciate "Tried & Failed" and their reactions are throughout overwhelmingly positive, which means a lot to us, since they listen closely, really pay attention and analyze precisely something they paid real money for! Their reaction is of utmost importance to us. I mean of course we are always faced with what the press thinks and their judgment is influential. It bothers me sometimes though to see how decisive that influence can be for the future of a band, whether it be positive or negative. I think that first the artists have to know what is appropriate on how to realize their vision. Whether their work is worthy of being recognized and of lasting success is the decision of the fans and not of some so called "expert-opinion". But in reality things are quite different. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely respect everyone’s position, work and function but unfortunately much too often you see some just acting way too far out of their range. When facts and personal preferences/opinions are mixed up in an unprofessional manner, chances are that you'll get a very distorted picture in the end. Plus the more commercial, bigger magazines (not all of them) seem to not always do their homework precisely, as I can clearly see in how things are just written in areal routine manner etc. I've just noticed, specially with a more involved album like "Tried & Failed", that the smaller magazines and underground papers are a lot more deatiled in their reviews, which shows more idealism and therefore are closer and more related to the fanbase!"

"Martin C.: Our sound transports they way we are, our emotions and how we express ourself right to your speakers. We are not on a mission to change the world with our sound but when you are able to feel just some of the same excitement we have by doing this, I think that's what it's all about. Music is one language, no matter in which country are people listening to it and if its creators were sincere about it, everyone can be reached on that emotional level. We love to ignite that moment when for example someone on the other side of the planet from us hears what we've done and sings along to it, goes crazy, feels stronger or more sensitive and just get's a rush from."

"Martin C.: Unfortunately it is still too early to give out specific information about any touring plans/single concerts and festivals. Things have been somewhat delayed all around and just now negotiations have gone under way to get started. For all the latest news regarding EverEve live activities also keep checking our website. The band has had the pleasure of touring Italy in the past and if it was up to us we'd easily play there every year, but a lot of it depends on the local promoters and if they don't feel like there is a strong enough scene/following or enough fans requesting this, unfortunately it will remain a difficult task for us to play there regularly. That doesn't mean we are not trying though!! The fact that smaller concerts have become less attractive for many promoters does not exactly help. With the support of loyal fans in each country though, there will always be a good chance of coming over and play for them! So stick with us!!"

"Martin C.: Now is the future."

"Martin C.: Is now! Sorry, I had to to say that;) Well I certainly hope the future will be packed with EverEve on an even broader international level. I think that's where are also some of our strong points. It is great to see a lot of bands in Germany being successful with German lyrics, but if you are interested in reaching people beyond that it is hard to do so just in German, unless you're an exception like Rammstein. EverEve embodies in general a reach beyond the borders and that is what I'd like to see more of in the future!!!"

"Martin C.: A huge thank you to all our fans there for your ongoing support!! I also recommend to other listeners in Italy to check out the new EverEve album "Tried & Failed", get in touch with us via e-mail, visit our website and spread the word about it all over that beautiful country of yours and we will come with a live show worth your while trust me!! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Take care and thank you."

Official website: www.evereve.net


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