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Present yourselves our readers ?

"OK, I’m Didier the guitarist from DOWNRIGHT MALICE. With Cliff , Cyrille and Aris., we’re playing a kind of atmospheric thrash metal. Til now, we brought 2 demos and 3 Cds out. The last “Perpetual Return” CD came out in March 2005. You can also show all the news and biography about DOWNRIGHT MALICE on our home page: www.downright-malice.com."

Who are DOWNRIGHT MALICE band members ?
"On the last CD, we still have been playing with a drummer. Now, we have a drum machine and our live sound is much better and more aggressive. I’m playing the guitar, Cliff & Cyrille are the singers and Aris. plays the bass."

When did you have founded the band ?
"The band was founded by myself in 1987. I was 17 years old. All the others members are my best friends and we are playing music together for a long time."

Would you like to talk about the very first beginning of band… ?
"Yes, we were young and less crazy than now. At the beginning, we played a kind of pure heavy metal with a lot of melodies and some ballads… With time, we became always more aggressive."

What’s about your previous recording-efforts ?

"We can say that was a positive effort. We sold out our “Spit Your Hate Out” MCD and we receive a lot of worldwide positive reviews. It brought us also some good gigs and was diffused by some radio shows in Europe."

What’s about your following ?
"We are promoting the last CD, looking for gigs, and writing new songs. I think we will start the recording of our 4th CD at the end of this year."

The most important facts in your history ?
"The festival during 1996, where we played with SACRED REICH and other famous bands."

Would you like to introduce us “Perpetual Return” ?

"It’s our 3rd CD, containing 10 songs of thrash-atmospheric metal. It’s different from the other records. We have now 2 singers (one more hardcore and the second really dark, guttural or death). We wrote the song differently and the music is much better."

When a recording-deal with a label ?
"We don’t know and are waiting. For the moment, we are making our selfproductions and if someone is interesting in our project we will be glad. But we still play what we like, make gigs and that’s our drug in life."

What about the production of album ?
"We selfproduced our CDs. I record all instruments and vocals. The mix are made by myself with the help of a good friend of DOWNRIGHT MALICE. We all have got a job. The money we win with gigs is made to finance and record the next CD."

Any particular concept concerning the album ?
"No, we didn’t make a concept album. Cliff and Cyrille just write the lyrics with all topics that interested themselves."

What the mood of it ?
"I think, it always speaking about hate, politics, religion…. Not very positive songs!!!"

The sound is a modern form of thrash metal, right ?
"Yeah, you’re right. A lot of people wrote reviews about our new CD. All found that we are playing modern thrash, aggressive but also melodic with a lot of contrast and atmospheric keyboards."

The most salient aspects of your new album ?


What’s about the feedback ?
"After just a few months, the promotion is going well. We already have been receiving good and positive reviews worldwide. For a selfproduced album, I have to say that the results bring us a real motivation for the next step."

What do you want to communicate with your sound ?
"We are just playing what we like. We don’t try to communicate something…. but we try to demonstrate that we can play something aggressive with melodies. We want also that the metal never dies."

Touring plans ?
"We have some gigs ‘till the end of 2005. For the next year, we try to make a Switzerland-France-Belgium tour with 2 other bands."

Your life’s philosophy ?
"I try to live without stress, but it is not so easy. I help my best friends (they are playing in DRM) in their life and they are helping me always. I don’t wait to do something and live my life every day. Time is running too fast for waiting."

The future of the band ?
"To play together and record others CD with more aggressive sound."

Any last remarks ?
"I just want to thank you for your interest to DRM for few years Emanuele. Thanks...all people who support us and the others who will discover us. Stay strong, dark and metal…. Bye!!!"

Official website: www.downright-malice.com


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