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The biography quotes "progressive metal", do you agree?

BRAVE is simply music. We don't like to classify ourselves because we draw our own individual music influences into the band, and, that combined, we cover almost every musical facet and genre. So, if we sound like jazz or rock or classical or eastern music, then we do...we just make music, not just rock music or progressive music, although we have to have some definition for press and labels. We never considered our music a part of any music scene in particular, but ever since the Arise From Thorns days, we have had a fan base in the metal community. I wouldn't necessarily call our music metal either, but there are some elements in our music that definitely appeal to the metal connoisseur. We are not sure where we will end up, in terms of what "scene," but the fact that there isn't a rock scene now doesn't mean that we won't have a place in the musical world.

In which ways is your band progressive?
First, BRAVE employs odd meters and some odd chording, not normally heard in mainstream music. Also, BRAVE is somewhat counterculture. While popular music is very much about consumption and hedonistic traits, BRAVE tries to consider some of the more virtuous traits of humankind.

Would you like to describe us the prog side of your music?
We are influenced by bands like King Crimson, Cynic, Pink Floyd, and Allan Holdsworth on the progressive side of things. We like loopy guitar lines and open and eiree chords, and we like to employ these techniques.

Would you like to define your music?
BRAVE is very diverse in that there we have a few heavy songs, ballads, a couple of straight ahead songs, and some progressive elements in all of the songs. Listeners can expect beautiful female vocals ensconced in lush soundscapes.

Would you talk about the most important aspects of your music?
BRAVE is strong music that can and has reached many people on an emotional level. BRAVE offers the listener more than just what is on the surface...it may take a few listens to digest it all and really hear what is happening, but it will be worth the listen!

What's about its background?
In 1997, Scott Loose and Trevor Schrotz began a project in which they wanted to create something new and fresh and different and musical. The result was an ambient art rock flavored music called ARISE FROM THORNS. Shortly thereafter, we needed a vocalist, and by chance, we overheard Scott's sister, Michelle Loose singing to herself, and were blown away. After much coaxing and begging, we persuaded her to sing for us, and like a bud to a flower in bloom, Michelle has fully grown into an excellent singer. We changed the name of the band to BRAVE a couple of years later to better represent our music and ourselves.

In which ways does your music has changed since 1997?
The music has evolved from acoustic and folky to electric and progressive over the years, and we have begun to take more chances musically as we have grown.

I noticed folk and dark elements in it...
Yes. That's probably from our Led Zeppelin influence!

Would you like to talk about the very first beginning?
Scott and Trevor got together and started playing around with different instruments, and we soon realized that we had a passion for music! The rest is history.

What happened before 'Searching for The Sun'?
We released 2 albums before SFTS. Before an Audience of Stars is a full lengtht that is very dark and pensive, and used mostly acoustic instruments. Waist Deep in Dark Waters is an EP that we released to introduce BRAVE. It is more progressive and heavier.

In which ways are your previous album the natural heir of your new one?natural musical flow and growth between the old and new. All we really did, beyond advancing our compositional techniques, is add electric guitar.

Are you searching for the sun?
Every day!

What does represent for you the SUN?

The Sun is the mother of our world. It represents our existence, and all too often, many people forget about her!

Does the sun has a positive meaning for you?

Would you like to talk about the mood of your new album?
The mood is a little dark, but very hopeful. The mood truly needs to be found by the listener, though.

Which its most interesting aspects?
I like the time and rhythmic changes and the intense melodies.

Are you satisfied with it?
There are a couple of production things that I would change, but the music is very satisfactory.

Are real hopes to see you on tour in Europe?
Absolutely! We would love to tour in Europe as soon as possible!

Do you want to become rockstar?
We want to make a living playing music, but have no real dreams of being a rockstar per se.

May the music feed the world?
Music and a loaf of bread!

Please contact BRAVE for more information at:

P.O. Box 1077
Dale City, Virginia 22195


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