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Introduce yourselves to our readers

LORENZO: Hi, we're Aleph from Italy (bergamo), we were born as a band in 1999 and since then we recorded two demo albums "Falx Lunae" and "Promo 2002"  and with "In Tenebra" we gained our first record deal with the italian Fuel Records\Self

Who are Aleph as band members?
LORENZO: Aleph is: Dave Battaglia on vocals and guitar, Manuel Togni on drums, Giulio Gasperini on keyboards, Antonio Ceresoli on bass and me, Lorenzo  Fugazza on guitar.

When did you form the band?
LORENZO: The band was formed in the summer of 1998 by Manuel Togni and Fabio Bellan (Thunderstorm)

Would you like to talk about the very beginning of the band?
LORENZO: In the beginning many of the ideas, influences, and musical identity were already in the mind of the former of the band. That led the band to release the first demo only after 6 months the band was formed. That demo moved the interest of the onderground italian metal scene so that Aleph gained reputation. Since then many line up changes have been necessary, due to the increasing professionality of the band.

What about your previous recording efforts?
LORENZO: Falx Lunae was a really innovative album even if a little confused, but it showed completely the direction that the band wanted to take. Promo2002 was a great demo, ruined by the inefficience of the studio sound engeneer who made us waste a lot of time and money to achieve a bad sounding album even if the songs were gorgeus (one of those songs will be rearranged and will appear on our new album).

The most important facts in your story...
LORENZO:There are many steps from the fulfilling of the current line up which gave us great stability, to the recording deal due to a lot of great reviews allover the world!

Tell us about the sound of In Tenebra
LORENZO: In tenebra is a deep and introspective album, not a concept in the real sense of the world, but the songs have a common guide which is the "tenebra" (darkness) we passed through. It's dark, violent and visionary, it's about hypocrisy, rage, hate and disillusion. The sonds are aggressive but also ethereal and psychedelic.

What about the production of the album?
LORENZO: We wanted to create a professional album to make justice to the quality of the songs we had. So we chose mirage studios, where the great sound engeneer Andrea Trapasso helped us find the right sound we were looking for to be able to have a cd that could stay among the other professional cds.

What about the feedback?
LORENZO: We're getting a huge fans feedback, and great reviews from the whole world and from the biggest metal magazines.We've also been acclaimed a revelation among the 2006 metal bands. We also gained an international distribution deal with Frontiers Records and hope to have a good response!

Touring Plans?
LORENZO: We had a big european tour with dismember but caused by a really bad polish agency the tour is only restricted to italy for 3 shows in Ascoli, Verona and Milano, we're really disappointed, anyway our agency is organizing an autumn tour, about which we'll tell you later on!

What's your life's philosophy?
LORENZO: Well, we could fill pages and pages. I can just briefly say that I consider music as a way to express my deepest feelings in an extremely natural way. It helps me understand better myself and the colors and fades of my soul.This is why aleph has no genre cages, we need to express freely and heavy metal is the natural way for us to do it.

What about the future of the band?
LORENZO: We're currently writing the new songs for our next album, we've planned to start the recording sessions in winter 2007. What I can tell you is that the new album will follow the path digged by In Tenebra and will be more aggressive and dark than ever! We are also invading europe with our album and hope to see the results of the work we did

Any last remarks?
LORENZO: I just want to thank all of you for the time and space and the readers, and remind you our website www.alephmetal.org, check it out for the news! Thank for supporting Aleph! Stay metal!

Emanuele Gentile

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