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Hail Sven, Raw And Wild Italian Web Zine are glad to have your interview´┐Ż´┐Ż.so we are wery curious to know something about your new band´┐Żtry to introduce Leng Tch'e.
Heyho there, We are Leng Tch'e, we play songs and make eerie noises coming from our buttcracks. For those who are not familiar with grindcore, we just hit our cocks real hard against garbage cans & try to look tough while being at it. We have an extremely homosexual album out now on the penis records and would love to touch your ass. thank you!

I can define Leng Tch'e a grind core band, but in my opinion I define you grind gore band, what do you think about it?
I think that tits make a great horsd'oeuvre, especially with some nacho sauce and grilled bacon, did i mention your ass looks smooth? oh man, you must shave that bootay everyday MWAH!!! i would say we are a grindcore band, with a pretty retarded sence of humour and some varied musical influences, gore not being one of them, unless we are talking about seeing Sigourny Weaver naked, then i'd agree about the gore thing.

What's happened in the band at moment? Can you tell me something about the future project, for you and Leng Tch'e?
Well, for the moment Isaac is having his nails removed and is learning mortal nin-jitsu moves, to impress his feline girlfriend, Glen is jerking off to latex movies, Kevin is jerking off to cellphones and i am jerking off to this interview, the future involves various forms of masturbation and auto felatio, including the now released split with BLACK OPS on The spew records and an upcoming split 7" with FUCK....IM DEAD on No Escape records later this year. We're also going to invade the studio again fora GUT tribute and we're very busy making new songs, blahblahblah, how is your sister doin?

Sven from Aborted, percussive in this new band´┐Ż.what's the friendship with new elements in this project?
Alot of hot love and lubricant. We all get along didly nice and have pillow parties, i bet you're jealous now!

Could you describe me all "Death by a thousand cuts" lyrics?
No cannot, because i am illiterate, therefor, being illiterate, i cannot explain anything of common sence, or wait, that would be retarded, ehm, i am not illiterate, i am, in need of good tittie movies, got some??? and in a miserable attempt to tell you what the songs are about, well, some are about people who make us really really mad!! grrrr!!!! some are about society that also makes us go booboo and some are just about what i'm typing here, common bullshit and shameless idiocy, ehm, what was that about your korndog?

What are your fovourite horror movies? What movie gave your more inspirations?
My favorite horror movie is 'What women want', that spooked the hell out of me man, you just imagine yourself hearing what chicks want!!! CRAP NO!!! On another note, i love the reanimator, romero, fulci, dario argento, most clive barker, etc etc, but Leng Tch'e rather gets it's inspiration from other things than horror movies, for the horror, you'd have to go poleriding with Aborted.

What do you think about band as Retaliation, Nasum, Anal Cunt, Brutal Truth´┐Ż?
hmmmm, I love retaliation, Nasum, Brutal Truth, but really don't care about stuff like Anal Cunt, i love grind, but no noise please, thank you

What is the "EXTREME" for you?
The extreme is seeing Giorgio from The Spew records pulling of a buried alive bukkake on himself, just using chopsticks and Jackie Chan movies, i can tell you, it's one hell of an experience!

What's bands are big influences for Leng Tch'e?
That would be a wide range of grindcore, hardcore, deathmetal, stoner & rock bands, to name some: hemdale, blood duster, regurgitate, nasum, mortician, black sabbath, the mushroom riverband, pro-pain, skinlab, hatebreed, carcass, entombed, dismember, etc etc etc, as long as in the endmix it sounds Leng Tch'e and fucking GRIND!!!!

Best underground brutal gore bands.
Personal choice, Impaled, Exhumed, RGTE, RTLN, Iniquity, Hemdale, Blood Duster, Nasum, Relevant Few, 100%Gorebeats, Gronibard

What do you think about european undergorund scene?
As in any scene, there's great bands and there's shitty bands ,it's just a matter of picking out the good stuff, but on a grindcore related field i'd say that Europe has alot more to offer than other continents, there's some really kick ass new bands like Relevant Few who totally amazed me at the fuck the commerce fest this year. There's a shitload of concerts going on & alot of people have been very supportive for both leng and aborted, so horns up for fucking europe!!!!

What's do you think about drugs?
That each person has to decide for themselves on how they prefer how to ruin their own lives, personally i'm not a fan of it, but i'm not gonna bitch someone out or preach if they prefer to get fucked up, it's their life they have to live it.

Ok´┐ŻI want to stay in contanc to you and to your band to know news, live and future project. Tanks a lot for this interview, Raw And Wild support Leng Tch'e. Any final comments.
Thanks for this interview & don't mind gthe bullshit, we're born with it & have some everyday :) take care & check out the webpage for more info!!! new merch available too: http:///come.to/lengtche

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