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I finlandesi Wolfshead pubblicheranno il loro primo full length album il prossimo 27 Ottobre dal titolo "Leaden" per Rockshots Records.

Il sound dei Wolfshead č un compendio di Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Motörhead, Venom condito dal tipico sound della NWOBHM. "Leaden", che significa "heavy", č una vera e propria dichiarazione di intenti dei Wolfshead: 8 brani di Heavy Metal old school epico, sulfureo e trascinante.


01. Vukodlak
02. Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
03. Purifier
04. When The Stars Are Right
05. Division Of The Damned
06. Haruspex
07. Winds Over Potter's Field
08. The Hangman


Wolfshead was formed in a Pentagram concert in Helsinki, Finland in April 2011 when old buddies Vesa Karppinen (bass, also known from Fall of the Idols) and Ari Rajaniemi (guitar, also known Torture Pulse & Deep River Acolytes) met and decided that they'll put a band together when Vesa moves to Oulu. You could say the power of the riff compelled them. A few months later they gathered to a rehearsal room with a mutual buddy, drummer Jussi Risto and in a few moments it was obvious the trio gelled as musicians. After writing songs for a few months the trio decided to complete the line up, enter vocalist Tero Laine. In Summer 2012 Wolfshead released their first demo and begun playing gigs. In 2014 the band released their second demo MMXIV followed by "Caput Lupinum" EP in 2015.

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